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Sep 9th 2014

Wikidocs is joining the Atlassian family!

Today we have some big news to share. Wikidocs has been acquired by Atlassian.

Atlassian products help teams of all sizes plan, collaborate, code and service better.

In 2012 we set out to make it easier to create and maintain content. We saw content being hidden in office documents and sent around offices in emails like "RE: RE: RE: document-v3-modified-HM.docx". We wanted to help improve that situation and enable true content collaboration by offering real time co-editing for everybody and every app as an API. Real time collaborative editing for WYSIWYG HTML content is a really hard technical problem to solve, but we were able to tackle it.

Today we are thrilled to join the amazing Atlassian family! We believe that Atlassian's mission to unlock the potential in every team to advance humanity through the power of software fits perfectly with the goals we have for Wikidocs. We're eager join the Atlassian team and contribute towards that great vision.

We thank all our users who tried Wikidocs in its early stages and helped make it better and more robust. If you're working in a team and want to improve the way you collaborate, we suggest giving Confluence a try - you'll meet Wikidocs again soon.

If you need collaborative editing solutions for your own projects we suggest to have looking at other services such as Etherpad or firepad

The Wikidocs team

Collaborative editing service

You can integrate Wikidocs and let your customers work together on the same content, at the same time and see changes as they appear. No hassle with "Re:Re:Re: review", locking, merging or markup. Simply collaborate faster and better together :)


More productive customers

Let customers collaborate in real time with friends and colleagues. They will be more productive, and never, ever wait for hours for someone to send you the 'latest version, with changes'.

Easy to implement

Go live with collaborative editing in minutes. We offer an API, and all you need to do is add your Wikidocs API key and few lines of Javascript to your web app. That's it. We do the rest.

Supports WYSIWYG editors

Wikidocs is extendable and works with major WYSIWYG editors such as Aloha Editor, CKEditor, wysiHtml5, tinyMCE and all plain HTML elements (incl. contenteditable) out of the box.

We still hire passion!

You believe in the power of real time collaborative technology?
Your preferred editor is emacs, vim or sublime?
You love functional programming?
You are JS or Clojure geek?
You know OT?

Join us!