Real time collaborative editing
for your web app.

Turn your web app into a live 'docs' service with real time collaboration in minutes.

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Collaborative editing service

This is an automated demo of 3 collaborators.

Integrate Wikidocs and let your customerscustomers work together on the same content, at the same time
and see changes as they appear. No hassleNo hassle with "Re:Re:Re: review", locking , merging or markup.
Simply collaboratecollaborate! Create faster and better together :)

Enterprise features

Make customers more productive

Let customers collaborate in real time with friends and colleagues. Build content, create, edit share - all at once. They will be more productive, and never, ever wait for hours for someone to send you the 'latest version, with changes'.

Add collaborative editing to your application suite

Do you have HTML docs? With Wikidocs, you can turn them into live, real time collaborative docs in minutes. Web based tools and apps can now offer real time collaboration: project tools, editors, notes, meeting notes, ...

Easy to implement

Go live with collaborative editing in minutes. We offer an API, and all you need to do is add your Wikidocs API key and few lines of Javascript to your web app. That's it. We do the rest.

Supports WYSIWYG editors

Wikidocs is extendable and works with major WYSIWYG editors such as Aloha Editor, CKEditor, wysiHtml5, tinyMCE and all plain HTML elements (incl. contenteditable) out of the box.

For developers

Integrate Wikidocs in less than an hour in your web application.
Wikidocs works with major WYSIWYG editors out of the box.

<script src="//"></script>
<div id="contenId-123" contenteditable="true">Write here</div>
    // accessToken is a JSON Web Token generated on your server
    var app = WD.App(accessToken);
    var con = document.getElementById('contentId-123');

See get started #wysiwyg or our examples on github

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We offer


Our cloud service is ready to use and offers global scaling.

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Run your own Cloud

Run your own wikidocs service and have full control of your data.

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OEM licenses

Integrate and distribute Wikidocs in your own software product.

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You believe in the power of real time collaborative technology?
Your preferred editor is emacs, vim or sublime?
You love functional programming?
You are JS or Clojure geek?

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